Making the world
a better place

one morning
at a time

Wakey thinks we can do better. By providing you a good alternative

Every day we wake up, stretch our limbs and get ourselves ready for the day to come. Some mornings are messy, starting later than planned or perhaps a little too early. Others are relaxed and easy, lasting long into the day.

What our mornings have in common is a personal routine. You know, a basic set of actions that help us get us fresh and energised. We brush, scrub, wipe and rub, using products that make all kinds of nourishing promises. What our go-to creams, soaps, pastes and sprays often fail to mention are the harmful effects they can have on people and the planet. For every aromatic extract there is a hormone-disrupting preservative, for every antiperspirant a harmful heavy metal, for every shine-enhancer a dehydrating sulphate…

Wakey thinks we can do better. By providing you with something more than a superficial promise. We invite you to join us in our mission to reinvent mornings and help us challenge the way people think about basic personal care.

Wakey. Wakey. Are you ready?

Juliette, Founder